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What is $15 a day?

What’s going on Untrained Misfits it’s the Untrained Dude. Today I want to talk about one of our newest projects. It’s called $15 a day. It’s basically us going into different neighborhoods and finding ways to get three square meals a day for $15. Seems kind of hard especially in New York because it’s considered […]

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Fat Sandwich!

What’s going on Untrained Misfits it’s the Untrained Dude with our first ever video. We decided to make a fucking fat sandwich. Everything else is pretty much self explanatory but I’ll share with you our chicken cutlet recipe. Its really simple and you start off with cleaning your 2 lbs of chicken breast or breast […]

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Untrained Knowledge from Kidd_Cool

Alright misfits, Kidd_Cool here with his first of many post for Untrained Eats. I am writing this article to help all of you poor fucks channel your inner fat ass. No I don’t mean eating a lot of food. Any douchebag can eat an obscene amount of food. In order to channel your inner fat […]

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Casino Comps=Ridiculous Eats

Hey Untrained Misfits, I’ve got to start of this post with an equation A+B=B gets fucked A=You B=The Casino I think you guys like that equation Here’s the breakdown of what I got for my nice Valentine’s Day weekend meal. Went to Simon Prime at the Hilton in Atlantic City. Yeah I know the hilton, […]