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Pat Lafrieda Steak Sandwiches

Steak, bread and cheese is such a simple thing and tastes so heavenly. When you have Filet Mignon from Pat Lafrieda topped with melted Monterey jack cheese, dripping in au jus with caramelized onions on a toasted baguette that right there my friend down right devilish. Price wish $16 bucks may seem like a lot […]

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Midtown Chinese Spot

I always love finding a good Chinese spot and when I can find one near work then that’s even better. Midtown is expensive and a lunch special from a Chinese spot can be life saving to your wallet. I’ve had the Chicken and Broccoli from Main Noodle house and its pretty damn tasty. On Monday […]

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Classic Sunday Brunch

Up in New Paltz, NY sits an old school resort called the Mohonk Mountain House and this is the scene for todays brunch. Its a pretty massive resort with a lot of beautiful scenery and what feels like millions of walking trails to get lost on but lets start out with the food. The Sunday […]

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Pizza in the Heights

In upper Manhattan there is a plethora of pizza options to choose from but that doesn’t mean a lot of them are good. You find a lot of the same style with really big crust and sometimes overly sweet sauce. I can enjoy that style of pizza but sometimes you want a thin crust brick […]

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Americana in Detroit

So I guess I’ll start with how I got here. So I was on a road trip from New York to Detroit with my buddies who were wrestling for a company called JCW(Juggalo Championship Wrestling, yeah I know its random but were wrestlers) and they are based out in Detroit. Big Boy is a restaurant […]

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Dope Harlem BBQ

I’ve been to Dinosaur BBQ many times and its one of my favorite BBQ places in the city. It’s in a weird place(under the overpass on 125th st.) but it kind of adds to the coolness of it. You walk into this space and its feels like a spot you could find down south with […]

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Lunch rush Pasta

If you have worked in NYC then you have seen these clean cookie cutter type places that serve breakfast and lunch and have that sterile cafeteria feel to it. Well sometimes you have get lunch from those places because you were to tired to make something the night before for work or because fuck it, […]