Classic Sunday Brunch

Up in New Paltz, NY sits an old school resort called the Mohonk Mountain House and this is the scene for todays brunch.


Its a pretty massive resort with a lot of beautiful scenery and what feels like millions of walking trails to get lost on but lets start out with the food. The Sunday Brunch is served buffet style and yes I know normally you would groan at a buffet but at Mohonk they don’t serve everything under the sun but a good amount of well prepared dishes. You can get an omelette prepared right in front of you, some craved prime rib, chicken, pork, and some of freshest shrimp cocktail I’ve had in some time.


At this buffet I like that they serve you instead you serving yourself, makes the experience a a little more enjoyable and a heck of a lot cleaner.


The omelet here is delicious decided to add some makeshift chicken and waffles to go with it. At first I thought the waffles were only ok and then you have like three or four out of an animal craving that overtakes your body. Grab a drink and dig in. I decide to grab a beer because they have a decent beer menu.


After a few plates of delicious food its time for some dessert. I grab a chocolate German cheesecake, tall house chocolate bar and cream puffs. All really fresh and really tasty.


That cheesecake was really good, almost surprisingly good. Now just let the food coma overtake your body and stare out the window at the openness.


After everything is said and done with your meal you should really take a walk around and burn off some of those calories because its a buffet and you know you went a little bit overboard but that’s ok. During the winter going into the spring they offer ice skating on their lake and during the summer they offer paddle boats.


Its still pretty cold for this time of year. We also stumbled into the Barn museum they have and found this awesome looking old ford car that’s probably from the 20’s


So up at the Mohonk Mountain House the service is excellent but very pricey. The Sunday Brunch by itself cost 75 dollars a person(That includes tax and tip) and that doesn’t include alcoholic beverages. Its a little steep but the food and service are great and you get access to their grounds so make a full day of it.

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