Pizza in the Heights

In upper Manhattan there is a plethora of pizza options to choose from but that doesn’t mean a lot of them are good. You find a lot of the same style with really big crust and sometimes overly sweet sauce. I can enjoy that style of pizza but sometimes you want a thin crust brick oven Neapolitan style pizza and this is where Antika comes into play. They serve a very good pie(A little expensive for the area) and here you have to order by the pie, you can’t just get slices. So the wife really likes this place so we ordered a pie and for some reason I wanted an egg onto(I think I saw a picture on the menu and seemed like a good idea) and it was a good idea. Sometimes you have to add toppings you don’t normally think of and a soft egg on top of a crispy pizza tastes just right.


A classic round pizza, prepared with san marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, organic basil, extra virgin olive oil and oregano topped with an egg sounds like a good dinner to me.

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