Americana in Detroit

So I guess I’ll start with how I got here. So I was on a road trip from New York to Detroit with my buddies who were wrestling for a company called JCW(Juggalo Championship Wrestling, yeah I know its random but were wrestlers) and they are based out in Detroit. Big Boy is a restaurant that I’ve heard of for years and its was legit right next to the hotel we were staying at so it was destined to happen. So we get there on a Saturday morning after driving through 3 snowstorms through 4 different states. Sleep for a few hours and head out to the show. On the way back around 10 or 11pm it was time for some grub and we headed right for the restaurant. I ordered the Classic Big Boy Burger which is American cheese, lettuce, tomato, with two seasoned beef patties and a side of fries. I added a nice fried egg and crispy bacon on top you know just to round it out.

photo (1)

I love places like this, it feels like a throw back and the burger tastes great, just beautifully greasy. Well worth the stop. Its funny I even bought a change bank that they sell there and I look at it every morning on my night stand and just remember how fun and random that trip was and how good the burger was.

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