But those biscuits thou!

Ahh the upper west side, my old stomping grounds(well for a few years) and I even worked at the Circuit City in that area(remember when Best Buy had competition) but I never really found food that blew me away in that area until now. I went to Jacobs Pickles a few days ago and I love good southern style food(It’s so easy to mess up but when its good its freaking good)and I love biscuits! This place has great craft beers and have a revolving beer menu which I appreciate. As I’ve gotten older I don’t want to drink bud light and coors light when I go out to drink, I want a nice IPA or a really strong stout that will get my tipsy after two of them but I’m getting off topic. Lets start off with the appetizer which is 4 biscuits with various sauces for it.


Sweet baby jesus that maple butter that comes with an order of biscuits is good that it makes you want to abandon all other butter as an option. With my biscuits I decide to order a sandwich on a biscuit. Just really sticking with the theme I was going for which was glutton. The biscuit came with fried chicken, bacon, egg and cheese.


It was ridiculous with the side of grits it came with. The food is so rich that you will catch the itis(You know that feeling when your overjoyed and falling into a food coma at the same time) and wish you had a pillow and blanket with you to sleep it off.

Also they have a ridiculous amount of pickles here. I’m not really a fan of pickles but my wife loves them so I’ll take her word for it. But we can all agree that those biscuits are ridiculous!

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