Lunch rush Pasta

If you have worked in NYC then you have seen these clean cookie cutter type places that serve breakfast and lunch and have that sterile cafeteria feel to it. Well sometimes you have get lunch from those places because you were to tired to make something the night before for work or because fuck it, its the closest place to you. Last week I was doing some training all the way downtown(I mean all the way, like two or three blocks away from the Staten Island Ferry) and I see this place that is legit no more then 1/2 block away so I decide to dine there. Short line for the pasta station so I order some Bowtie pasta with alfredo sauce, onions and shrimp and a little crushed red pepper to finish it off. Sometime really simple.


It was exactly what hoped for and expected, something decent and that was a little bit overpriced but won’t make me rageful. Sometimes expected average and getting average is ok, you don’t have to blow me away, just don’t suck is all I ask for.

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