Hood Chinese Food at its finest

Everybody has that go to hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. Well this is my go to hole in the wall restaurant and its called King Garden (the name is so special, not really but its better then being called No 1 Chinese restaurant). Its the type of space that has about four seats and its 6 ft by 30 ft that can go with or without bulletproof glass. Also go with takeout otherwise your clothes will smell like pork fried rice for a week. Before I was ordering so often that I was putting their kids through college. Now trying I’m to eat a little healthier but sometimes I get a hankering for chicken wings(chopped up with a true goon would), white rice, an egg roll and slathered in BBQ sauce (There is nothing BBQ about this sauce but its deep red and loaded with sugar and I think crack… It’s probably MSG but they don’t use that….)that will stain your hands for at least a day.


It isn’t pretty, it isn’t healthy, you will need to do a lot of cardio after this but it cures my food cravings.

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