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That’s a damn good burger in Maui

Even when your on a beautiful island like Maui sometimes you just want to sit at the bar with your wife, drink fruity drinks and eat well made burger. Yes I know I can get a burger anywhere and I should have all the seafood I can while I’m out here. Well I wanted a burger and I had one and it was good so sue me.

This is one of the hundreds of Pina Colada’s I had in a short period of time and its a good one.

I don’t know when bar menus decided to add fried Brussels sprouts but god bless that addition.

Now here is a good angus burger cooked to a perfect medium rare and seasoned simply with salt and pepper. That’s all I can ask for in life and truffle fries I can also ask for more often.

Pineapple Grill at Kapalua Resort on Urbanspoon

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