Mardi Gras Beer Dinner at the Manchester

You find the most random stuff on Facebook sometimes but this time it worked out in my favor. So I was perusing through Facebook and saw an ad for a Mardi Gras Beer Dinner at a place called the Manchester Pub. So I checked it out and emailed Lawrence which was one of the owners. When I arrived for the dinner I was greeted warmly by him by name which was actually quite nice and unexpected. Its actually added to the warm atmosphere of the Manchester. As I was speaking to one of the patrons I remarked that this is an interested place and didn’t know what to expect. The best way I can sum this up is its an English Pub, ran by Asian owners and running a Mardi Gras inspired beer dinner and oddly all works together. Welcome to New York! So lets start with the menu for the night

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We start off with a shared hor d’oeuvres plate with Fried Pickles, cheesecake and crab stuffed tomatoes. This was served with a Flaming Dr Pepper(Beer and a shot with Amaretto and topped with 151 then lit on fire) and it legit tastes like Dr Pepper. I liked the crab and pickles but wasn’t a fan of the cheesecake.

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Next course was the Barbequed shrimp served with Farro Grits(I personally think that farro grits are better then regular grits but good grits are good grits). The beer it was paired with was Abita Restoration Pale Ale. The interesting fact about this beer is that it was created months after hurricane Katrina and raised over 1/2 a million dollars. That’s pretty amazing and its a great beer.

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Next course was a muffaleta with a twist as it was served with homemade porchetta, sharp provolone and olives. I’m normally not a fan of muffaleta’s because I’m not a fan of olives but this rendition was delicious and tasted great with the Abita Grapefruit IPA(Tastes like Grapefruit and its kind of ridiculous)

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Next course was a Turducken(Chicken and duck stuffed in a turkey and deep fried) served on top of a hoecake(a delicious pancake) and topped with sriracha maple syrup. Its one of the most interesting versions of a chicken and waffles and I loved the New Orleans twist and served with the Abita Turbodog.

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Next course(I know I’m starting to feel full and a little drunk but chug on, its worth it) is Jambalaya which is southern style soupy rice served with Lobster, Andouille sausage and smoked chicken. So good and the smoked chicken is a nice touch to this dish. Its served with Abita Mardi Gras Bock.

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Alright woohoo we made it to the last course and its Beignets(You really can’t get anymore New Orleans then then Café Du monde holla)and Banana Pudding served with a Café Brulot(Basically a coffee with orange liqueur, also lemon peels, orange peels, cloves, sugar cubes and cinnamon sticks all cooked together) and the Abita Abbey Ale. Its a really great way to end out this great meal.

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I can’t wait for the next dinner and should hopefully be in the next 6 weeks. I hope to see you guys there. Its great food, great management and also great patrons. Everybody is so friendly and its different from what I’m used to in New York. Also Chef Matthew Garelick is awesome for setting up this menu.

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