My time in Culinary Arts

I thoroughly enjoyed taking Culinary Arts classes at City Tech in Brooklyn. When I decided to leave I felt kind of weird and like I was letting myself down because of the ideas I wanted to do but I realized I can do whatever I want in Culinary degree or no degree. Also the timing was really bad with a full work schedule and wedding coming up but I don’t want to make excuses. Now I just want to show pictures from my Baking and Culinary Arts classes. I don’t remember the names of all the dishes that were made but enjoy. I sure did and those ten pounds I gained didn’t help but oh well.

Doing cuts like this are the bane of my existence but at least I know how to do them.

Fried eggplant with fresh made tomato sauce

Potatoes for days

More Potatoes for days

I know the middle is French Onion soup but the others slip my mind

These right here are the reason I gained weight so quickly haha

This didn’t help either but it was delicious. I love making pasta by hand. If you have the time(actually make time for it) and room for it then do it

Blueberry and Apple Pie. I also don’t like buying crusts because making them is so easy.

So much breakfast, so little time

Practice, practice, practice, because you don’t want to make a brown omelet for you final(I actually did practice that and my classic French omelet is on point)

I just want to say that I hate butchering fish. It’s the most annoying satisfying thing to do.

So much salad, so little time

Baking like a boss

Teamwork at its finest

I think that was our final cooking day before finals. That chicken was so good

That beef was also really good and rich

The two cakes I made for my final. I was proud of those cakes and they were also devoured quickly by my wife’s office and mine.

If you made it through all the pictures then Thank you. I just wanted to share some of my experiences. What I took away from all this was some decent knife skills and a greater love for food. I’m still working up the courage to do an underground dinner and trying to sell food mobile this summer. Just things I’m working out in my head and hoping to break on through to the other side.

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