El Viejo Yayo Restaurant

I know I’m going to sound like a jerk but if somebody tells me there is good Spanish food outside of say Washington Heights, Spanish Harlem and Fordham I’m less likely to believe you. It’s an experience thing as I’ve grown up being Dominican and lived in NYC my whole life I have been around the block. So when my coworker tells me there is some good Spanish food down in Brooklyn like two blocks away from the Barclays Center I was like we will see.

If I’ve never been to your restaurant before I will try the basic Spanish dishes (Baked chicken, stewed chicken, bistec). If you mess those up then I don’t want to know you as a restaurant. Anyway I ordered the Stewed chicken, that’s what you want on a nice cold day in January.


The chicken is good, not the greatest I’ve ever had but for a 6 dollar lunch special that fills you up and keeps you warm (and also gives you the mean case of the itis – don’t know what the itis means then look it up. Urban dictionary is your friend)then this is the spot for it.

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