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Morimoto NYC

I think this place is best described by video but needed some photos also to hammer it home how awesome Morimoto NYC is.

I think this is my favorite Sake – The Morimoto 5 yr is well worth the price.

The Morimoto sashimi which great to share with a friend. It comes with seared toro, salmon, tuna, hamachi, wild shrimp. Don’t look before you choose, just grab one, don’t worry and be happy.

This miso glazed roasted bone marrow is so good that it can ruin the rest of your meal. That sounds weird but its so good that you almost want to order 3 or 4 more. Its topped with sake ikura, mitsuba chimichurri and served with grilled sourdough

Duck duck duck which is foie gras croissant, roast duck, soft duck egg, red miso sauce. You know you want to drip your croissant into that runny egg. Don’t fight it just do it and that roast duck is done perfectly.

The market vegetable of the day is roasted sunchokes. It has a taste and texture almost like a sweet potato mixed with a root vegetable.

Normally when I see cheesecake I don’t think of a light dessert but this Chilled cheesecake soufflé is a perfect way to end your meal and isn’t to heavy. Its topped with a strawberry-red wine sorbet and green tea lemon powder.

Well worth the price and you won’t be disappointed.

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