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Ahhh the glorious time of year that is New Years Eve eve, the wonderful night before New Years eve were its hectic and calm all at the same time. This year I was afforded the opportunity to enjoy New Years in Time Square in style which is definitely something I can cross off my bucket list thanks to my wife and the brand Nivea. On this eve of eves we are at 44 1/2 which is a really nice American style restaurant between 44th and 45th and 10th ave hence the name its not quite 44th but it’s not 45th. The appetizers are standard fare but done excellently with mini chicken quesadillas, mini vegetable, cheese and Lobster pizza. The drinks are flowing and the night is moving along nicely. Its time to be seated for you meal which includes a salad, main course and dessert.


Pretty good options if I do say so myself and I start off with the 44.5 Mediterranean chopped salad. It has the name of the place in it so it seems like a good choice and it is.


I always find it hard to photograph a salad and make it look “sexy” but it was a great tasting salad. Next up was the Filet Minion. Normally when I order a filet its a 4 oz and that’s pretty standard. This place comes out with easily an 8 oz filet topped with goat cheese, asparagus and a root vegetable gratin.


I’ll admit I felt like less of a man for not being able to finish this steak that was cooked perfectly to a medium rare. Or maybe it was the side of mac and cheese they offered to each table that didn’t help me.


That is some fine mac and cheese and I couldn’t help myself but to take more and more spoonful’s of it. Finally we reach our final round the dessert round. My general rule is when in doubt go with the chocolate cake. Nothing brings me more happiness then a chocolate molten cake with a side of ice cream.


Normally I run and hide from restaurants so close to Times Square but this spot is great and I can’t wait to visit in the summer as they have a open spaced backyard area that is really nice.

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