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KFC – Korean Fried Chicken is the Shiznit

Colonel Sanders you can take you grayish brown dry looking chicken and kick rocks. The only KFC I eat is Korean Fried Chicken and it just so happens to be a block away from my job. I have seen more and more Bon Chon Chicken places springing serving there version of Fried Chicken which is crispy, delicious and comes in two flavors. Soy Garlic and Hot and that’s all you really need.

Are you tired for eating Buffalo Wings then this is the cure for you. Grab the lunch special and get 2 drumsticks and 4 wings and if you can’t decide with flavor you want then you can just grab both.


Its so good that its not even funny. I prefer the Soy Garlic over the hot because its just a different taste you can only get with Korean Fried Chicken. Its a salty, sweet savory perfectly sticky flavor you get over freshly fried chicken. You know its fresh because it can take upwards of 25 minutes to get your order on occasion. If you there with friends or co workers I’d suggest you share an order of the Bull Dak. Its stir fried spicy chicken with rice cakes (they have a dumpling texture to them) topped with scallions and cheese. Everything you want on a plate, fried, spicy and cheese.


I’m going into a food coma thinking about this. I think its time I take a nap.

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