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Dive bar at its finest

Can you feel it because I know I can. It’s that glorious smell of beer and bleach and that can only mean one thing, that your in a dive bar. It feels like home as I spent years working in and out of dive bars and I say dive bar with the utmost of sincerity and I’m not saying it as a negative. You have you bars that charge you 15 dollars for a drink and you have 3 sheets saloon that has Jameson shots on the cheap and Budlight continually pouring all night for games of beer pong. Want to get drunk on the cheap with friends come here, want to eat something greasy to fill you up after you got drunk with your friends on the cheap then come here. This is my friends go to spot for years now and no matter how old you get you can always go back to a bar like this I feel. You can’t recover as well as you used to though because you are no longer invisible to alcohol as you were a few years ago but you still give it the college try and you still got it on beer pong table no matter how rusty you are.

I actually like the food menu here because it doesn’t pretend to be something its not. Its bar food plain and simple and they do it well. Wings fried up perfectly with some nachos and tater tots topped with bacon and cheese. You can feel you arteries clogging up and that’s ok just do a little extra cardio in the morning and stop being a little bitch.


This picture describes how you will leave here, full of food and beer in a blur and loving life.

3 Sheets Saloon on Urbanspoon

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