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Veg out with my Basa

Sarasota is such a quiet town and is always a great place to visit on my downtime. It’s a great place to get fresh fish so I try and grab some as much as possible down there. Hungry for lunch my wife and father in law took me to one of his favorite local eateries down there, The Veg. It’s a Vegetarian and Seafood restaurant where you can grab a nice salad or a great fish. I checked out the menu but the special of the day caught my eye. I ordered the Buffalo Basa Fish Wrap with Coleslaw.

I was a little bit hesitant because I’ve become very tired of any kind of Buffalo sauce because they normally taste very generic. This buffalo sauce on the other hand was surprisingly good and a perfect compliment to the flaky basa and spinach wrap


Perfect size for a lunch that won’t leave you bloated and regretting your meal. I appreciate a restaurant that serves food that’s good for you and has an appropriate portion. Don’t get me wrong I can be a glutton but in moderation.

Veg - A Vegetarian and Seafood Eatery on Urbanspoon

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