It doesn’t always have to be gourmet

I like going into regular places that serve food with or without Plexiglas partition in the way. Sometimes I’ve found the best food from places like this.

In New York you see a lot of Tex Mex places which is basically Americanized Mexican food but a lot of the time they are run by Asians. It’s confusing sometimes but they know how to make good food. Especially when you hungry for lunch and its nice to find something filling for less then 5 bucks. The food you get is basic. For 3.80 you can get yellow rice, beans, grilled chicken with onions. Good luck finding rice for 3.80 by itself.


It’s not the prettiest plate of food but it does the trick and considering it’s next to an arena that’s a good deal in my book. Also man up and throw some hot sauce on your plate.

Yummy Taco on Urbanspoon

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