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Poboy tour – New Orleans style

One of my favorite cities to go to is New Orleans. I enjoy it there so much that I’ll probably retire down there when I get older. When I visit down there I have to have at least one Po Boy. The last time I went on an extended trip I ended up having 3 or 4 and here are my findings.

Acme Oyster House is right in the heart of Bourbon St, is always packed and is known by everybody as a place to get great Po boys.

I ordered Fried Peace Maker Po Boy which consists of Fried oysters, fried shrimp and tabasco infused mayo.

I also ordered a Fried Crawfish Po Boy which is exactly what it sounds like Fried Crawfish with a side of Red beans and rice.

I prefer the Fried crawfish but that’s also because I love crawfish.

Next place is Mother’s Restaurant which is off Bourbon street but a really great place that makes the red beans and rice I’ve ever had and that says a lot because I’m Spanish(We know a thing or two about rice)

I ordered the Famous Ferdi Special Po Boy which consists of Mother’s best Ham, roast beef, gravy and debris. The Debris is the roast beef that falls into the gravy while cooking. I wish all Debris was this delicious.

The last spot was Mahony’s Po-Boy Shop which is about 2 miles away from the French Quarter. You are better off cabbing it or have a friend with a car.

I ordered the Pot Roast Po Boy which is an angus beef pot roast dressed however you want it. Not all po boys have to be fried pieces of fish

Out of all the places I tried(You can’t really lose with any of these, they all taste good) the one with the best taste for me has to be Mother’s. A nice po boy with those red beans and rice and I’m in heaven.

There is one thing I crave 24/7 and this is from Acme Oyster House and its their Craw Puppies. These little fried balls of crawfish taste like hot heaven in my mouth


Acme Oyster House on UrbanspoonMother's Restaurant on UrbanspoonMahony's Po-Boy Shop on Urbanspoon

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