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Not all wings are created equal

I find myself a wing connoisseur of sorts. I enjoy them like any red blooded America. So I’m hanging out watching football in Queens on Sunday watching both the Giants and Bears game enjoying 2 for 1 drinks. Anytime you have 2 for 1 drinks on a Sunday you know your Monday is going to be terrible but that’s besides the point. So I’m drinking and eating some chips and salsa and the hunger sets in. I check out the menu and I see Wings and 22 different sauce options. My eyes go wide and say oh really. I get the Wing Sampler that allows you to choose three different sauces. I choose the default Hot, Garlic Parmesan and General Tso’s to round it out.

So out comes the wings (Sorry for the dark picture, I really don’t like using Flash in restaurants)


Tried the Hot first and that was decent and it was a good size wing. Next I tried the Garlic Parmesan and was highly disappointed. It had a fishy aftertaste that was weird. Lastly I tried the General Tso and was confused as first it wasn’t good and second didn’t taste anything like General Tso’s chicken at all. I know at a Latin Style place I shouldn’t expect a good “General Tso” but don’t advertise it in the first place.

This is a good spot to get cheap drinks (get drunk really cheap, I mean really cheap. They had 99 cent shots when the Giants won) and mediocre wings. I heard they are redoing the menu soon so I hope for the best.

Tropix Bar and Lounge on Urbanspoon

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