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Best Burger you can get going underground

Cheezeborger! Cheezeborger! Say it out loud! Now that you look a little foolish lets go down the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. Located under Michigan ave(Yeah Chicago’s streets are weird to me because of the underground locations but its cool to see) you find Billy Goats Tavern which is an unassuming little place with neon lights and wooden signs. In side it looks like a dive diner with a bar which I’m all for. You know after any flight all you really want is something greasy and some sort of alcohol. This place gives you both, really quickly and really well. When ordering there is a few things you need to. They show a single cheeseburger on the menu and good luck ordering that. Its a thin patty and served on a kaiser roll so a single cheeseburger isn’t enough. Also they don’t drink Pepsi but they sell Coke…. a cola (Thanks Jeezy for that one). Also they dont sell fries but they sell chips. So get online, order a double cheezeborger (with bacon, its so good and crispy) and grab a beer. They have their own beer on tap which is really good. They have a really good dark beer.


Can’t beat a great burger and beer for less then 10 bucks. It was so good I had another double cheezeborger. Can’t wait to come back to Chicago!

Billy Goat Tavern on Urbanspoon

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