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A trip back to the 80’s

Driving out to the Hamptons really feels like a trip in the 80’s. I took a trip out to Gurney’s Inn recently and got there kind of latish. I don’t know why 100 miles takes three hours but it does when driving from the city to Montauk. So we arrived around 9:40pm really famished so we decide to go to the Sea Grille which is located in Gurney’s Inn. Here is where the stuck in the 80’s vibe comes in. The Sea Grille feels like your non-descript kind of upscale Italian style restaurant circa Casino era. They have Karaoke going on with people singing your favorites from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s all off key.

I’m hungry but I don’t want to eat heavy so I grab a goat cheese ravioli in a nice cream sauce.


The Ravioli tastes good and fresh but the presentation is what it is. The view outside the restaurant is amazing but the thing that bugged me is the service. It’s that kind of your lucky to that we are here to serve you but we are going to treat you a little shitty kind of service. Maybe it was because we came in at 9:40 and they close the kitchen around 10pm. I’ve worked in restaurants and catering in front of the house and also tried to not act like a douchebag when I worked. I had the courtesy to wait till my shift was over to vent my frustrations.

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