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It’s lobster season

After Memorial Day its time to get a lobster roll is my general rule of thumb. Took me about a week but I finally got one. After what seemed like a drive that took forever I was finally in the Hamptons. What is roughly the furthest point of Long Island is Montauk. I didn’t come all the way out here for Beef, chicken or pork. I’m out here for the freshest catch. I drive a mile or two away from my hotel and find myself sitting at the bar of the Clam Bar. Looking up at the wall and seeing the one item I want, a Lobster Roll! It’s also sold at market price so that means for me it is going to be really fresh and a little pricey. It was around 18 bucks but it was worth it.


You get huge chunks of claws mixed with veggies and mayo and a overly(not that its a bad thing) butter hot dog bun and cole slaw. The roll itself is so overfilled that you have to eat some of it with a fork just to get it to the proper bun to lobster ratio so it becomes a handheld rocket of deliciousness.

Clam Bar At Napeague on Urbanspoon

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