The road to Huli Huli, I mean Hana

If you ask anybody or read anywhere online about Maui the apparent place to go is on the road to Hana. While the town at the end of the road that is aforementioned really isn’t what you travelling there for. Its the twisting and winding road that you can’t go past 20 mph that is the most interesting part. If i travel across 60 or more one way bridges it better have amazing scenery or some really good food. You get scenery like this.


On the road you see a few places to eat that are either selling fruit, random smoothies or something called Huli Huli chicken. It’s a rotisserie chicken with a marinade that mostly consists of ginger and soy sauce. I saw a few stands on the way through the 60 miles – 3 hour trip. We stopped about 3/4 of the way in on the road to hana at a stand on the left side of the road. It had no name but stopped just by the smell.


White rice, corn and a huge portion of Huli Huli chicken. That’s all I needed after that kind of a trip. Give me a can of passion fruit and pineapple juice and I’m chilling in the sun a little comatose for a few minutes.

You’ll find the spot, just follow your nose.

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