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Hawaiian Taco game is fierce

Tiki Taco is in Kapaa which is the on the east side of Kauai in Hawaii. I almost couldn’t find the place because its in a nondescript strip mall right off the main road. It’s a small menu which a few tacos on it and no you cannot get Chips and salsa. Strictly tacos which I’m cool with. The more homemade the tacos the better. So I order a Surfing Pig which is a combination of fish and pork. The pork of course is the delicious Kalua pork you get everywhere on the island. They give me a number card and I sit down and wait for my order.


Out comes this Taco that’s pretty big. The fish and pork is topped with cabbage, cotija, crema which are all nicely balanced and taste great together. Squeeze a little bit of lime and pop open a Passion fruit and pineapple drink and your chillin


Tiki Tacos Kauai on Urbanspoon

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