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Pork is your friend in Hawaii

Pork will always have a special place in my heart or it could just be all the fatty deposits surrounding my heart because of pork. Either way I love it and its delicious.

On the north side of Kauai is Hanalei Taro & Juice Co. Driving up there feels like a seen out of Jurassic Park. Now with good scenery I want to enjoy some good food.

First we order a mini Kalua pig plate. Kalua pig is a delicious salted shredded slow cooked Hawaiian pork. It comes with a side of white rice and another side of Taro macaroni salad.


Taro is a plant that is normally grown in patty fields and is actually poisonous if eaten raw. When its cooked down its safe to eat and when added in macaroni salad its pretty delicious. Kalua pig is excellent also.

We also got a pork Lau Lau plate. Lau Lau is either fish or pork placed in the center of a luau leaf and folded and wrapped with a ti leaf. It is then slow cooked for hours.


That was also good. But I prefer plain Kalua pig. Lau Lau has a leafy after taste that I personally wasn’t a fan of but the pork itself is moist, fatty and delicious. We did half and half so it came with rice and Poi with a side of Macaroni salad and Lomi Salmon

Now Poi really is an acquired taste with a pale purple color. Its a paste made from taro corm that has water added to it. If you don’t like Poi don’t feel bad, some Hawaiians don’t like it either. Also the Salmon was good. It’s a salted salmon mixed with tomatoes and onions.

At the end of the day you really can’t go wrong with pork

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