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Pineapple Relish wait what?!

I’m from New York the home of the classic dirty water dog. Nothing tastes better then mystery meat boiled in water and placed in a cold bun with ketchup and onions. So you Kauai you have hot dogs, well you better go hard or go home.

Well Puka Dog in the Poipu area of Kauai is on the southside of the island. They start off by using a regular polish sausage. You think alright that’s cool not that impressive. Then you have your bun but its not opened like a traditional bun. Its impaled on a spike and toasted from the inside. Alright now you guys have intrigued me. Now we get down to where it gets interesting. I’ll take your spicy garlic lemon sauce. I’m feeling adventurous with my hot dog.

Now I want to add relish. What’s your most popular I ask. Pineapple Relish is the answer. When in Rome I guess, throw some of that in there to. Now do I want to try out their Hawaiian mustard, i’ll take that on the side. I generally don’t like mustard but I’ll try it out.

So now I have my completed Hot Dog.

Now before I show a picture I’m going to say pause. I’m saying this for all my friends that will read this and anyone that grew up in what I like to call the Cam’ron watch what you say era.


I really wish I toke a better picture or at least from a different angle. Anyways that Pineapple relish and garlic lemon sauce are delicious. The hot dog itself is good. Your really not coming here for the hot dog itself, its for the crazy tropical relish that they put on that is really delicious. Be warned though it’s kind of expensive for a hot dog. Its 6.75 for a hot dog. In New York I refuse to spend over a dollar for a hot dog but then again I can’t get pineapple relish so they get a pass.

Also their Fresh squeezed lemonade is dope and I’m a sucker for Kettle cooked potato chips. It was a delicious 11 dollars.

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