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Breakfast in Kauai oh how I miss you

In an effort to stop being lazy I’d like to say know that I want to go back to writing posts at least twice a week. Now with that out the way lets get down to why I’m here.

Now imagine your on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s breakfast time and your mildly jet-lagged. Well Kountry Kitchen in Kauai will do just nicely and cure what ails you.
It’s on the east side of the island in Kapaa and is a pretty unassuming place. To be honest most of the island is unassuming but that adds the charm.

Now when your in Hawaii in my mind the last thing you expect is cornbread. Never did I think it would be awesome cornbread but there it is with coconut syrup just waiting to be poured on it


Could barely get a picture of it before the wife snatched it up. Down south goodness in the middle of the Pacific. Who would of thunk it.

Now in Hawaii they have a dish called Loco moco. Its basically white rice topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg and brown gravy.


I despise gravy with a passion, i don’t know the flavor doesn’t do it for me but the gravy for a loco moco. I’d bottle it and sell it as shampoo, id bath in that deliciousness any day of the week. Also god bless any cuisine that uses rice in breakfast. I salute you for that.

Now generally i enjoy the taste of swine with my breakfast but were in Hawaii so why eat bacon. I know its a delicious swine but so is Kalua pig. Kalua is a traditional cooking method that uses an underground oven. Pork shoulder is rubbed in sea salt, wrapped in TI (leaves not the rapper) and slow cooked. You get a delicious pulled pork that goes on to make a delicious omelette.


Now that ladies and gentleman is a stuffed and delicious complete. With a side of hash browns is dopeness on a plate. (Add dopeness to your spellcheck because its a real word to me)

Now I’ve eaten a lot of french toast in my day but this place has ruined all other french toast for me. They make a Coconut French Toast!


I can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about them. You know when you eat something so good that your get a little sweat and your face feels greasy. That’s how you feel after this meal and it really isn’t that expensive. I think it was around 40 bucks for all this food with drinks. By Hawaii standards that’s a good price. Actually by New York standards that’s a good price.

Just go and try and thank me later.

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  1. Amy

    You’re sooo cute and this made me ravenous. Love you guys a ton!

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