Candied Bacon Ice Cream, next level fatness

I have an unhealthy love of bacon and my heart loves it and hates it all at the same time. Add in the some eggs and i bring to you Candied Bacon Ice Cream. If you don’t love bacon and eggs than your not American. Merica!!! I had to get in a yearly patrotic or team america reference. Anyway the recipe and directions are here from David Lebovitz

Now onto the food porn and to show you some tips so you don’t get a crappy texture like i did on my first try

Oh delicious candied bacon. Make extra because your going to eat it. The recipe calls for 5 strips so make a full pack of 12 because your will probably eat at least half.

I have no tips for the custard really besides make sure its only simmering. Boiling is no good!

Make sure your Cuisinart bowl is cold and make sure your custard is cold otherwise your going to have jut liquid after twenty minutes. Make sure your custard is at 37-40 degrees which it will get to after being in the fridge for a few hours. Making ice cream takes a long, long, long, long time!

Now the finished product. It tastes great but for my first try the texture was a little off but its bacon and eggs so man up and eat it. MERICA!!!!

Till next time,
Untrained Dude

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