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Best greasy spoon ever!

I love a good old fashioned greasy spoon for a few reasons. It’s cheap, quick and generally consistent in whatever you order. Sometimes you get those below par places and then there are one or two that you find in your lifetime that you want to rave about. Well here’s my one in a lifetime rant and rave for a greasy spoon. This is a little side of the road type place up in Warwick, Rhode Island. It’s called the Sunrise Cafe and it’s run by a Vietnamese couple i believe. Its has basic menu double side of omelet’s, pancakes, french toast and sandwiches. First let me explain to you how cheap this place is. They sell eggs, toast and sunrise fries(basically delicious home fries) for $1.75! Find me something cheaper…. in the USA that’s cheaper and tastes better.

So I run through the menu and find an omelet only available on the weekends called the “#13-No Eggroll”. Strange name indeed but it has Marinated Steak Tips, onion, broccoli, cheddar cheese and sweet chili sauce. The reason its a special is because they only make marinated steak tips on the weekends. Makes me wish everyday was the weekend and that i lived in Rhode Island. I don’t know what they use to marinate it with, maybe its those fabled unicorn tears but its delicious. I’d work there if paying your bills in steak tips was socially acceptable. It’s one of those things that you eat and then you want another one even though your full.

Oh so delicious!

Top it with some sriracha and it’s only that much better. I rarely see sriracha at a greasy spoon but when its run by the Vietnamese it means they know whats up. Sriracha “the spicy nectar of the gods”

Next time you up in Warwick Rhode Island check out the Sunrise Cafe
They don’t have a website but here is the address.
1155 W Shore Rd Map.
Warwick, RI 02889

So take out your GPS and head up there now or down there now!

Till next time,
Untrained Dude

Sunrise Cafe on Urbanspoon

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