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Deep fried Bacon Wrapped Deviled Eggs

What’s going on Untrained Misfit’s it’s your dude, the Untrained Dude back with some wild shit today. Today I bring you by far the most random shit I have ever made. I’m a fan of deviled eggs and wanted to up the ante by putting them back together and wrapping them in bacon and deep frying them. I now present to you my balanced breakfast Untrained eats style.

This recipe is for 6 Deviled Eggs
Lets start off by boiling your eggs
When you eggs are all hard boiled and deshelled you cut them in half
Take out all the yolks and mix them in a bowl with
3 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp mustard
and a dask of each of these (pakrika, cayenne pepper, seasoned salt, tabasco)
Stuff your mixture back into your eggs and wrap them closed with bacon

Next you get your batter ready.
The batter consists of
1 12 oz can of beer (Use something shitty like Coors light)
1 cup of flour
and a dash of salt
Whip your up your batter and toss your eggs in.

You have to deep fry these in vegetable oil at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes.
Pull them out and throw them on a cookie sheet and finish them in the oven for about 5 to 7 minutes also 350 degrees

Your finished product should look something like this

You can also top them in whatever you want. I topped some of mine in pulled pork because these deep fried monstrosoties weren’t bad enough for you.

Till next time
-Untrained Dude

P.S. I’m not responsible for an sudden cardiac arrest that may happen from this and also keep some tums or some sort of antacid near by.

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  1. Connie

    Could you dip in something besides beer or use non alcohol beer?

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