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I went all the way to Chicago and got a Cubano sandwich… Awesome!

What’s going on Untrained Misfits it’s your compadre the Untrained Dude back again with awesome food. This post is yet again me stumbling upon something awesome out of laziness. It was Saturday Morningish and I was starving after being sleep deprived and doing random cardio in the hotel to work off some of the deep dish pizza from the night before. So I head down with my coworker and randomly find the South Water Kitchen. Another great random choice in my book. I checked over their brunch menu and found a Cuban sandwich. Before I hear anybody say anything thing about oh you had a Cuban sandwich in downtown Chicago, what is wrong with you. I’ve had Cuban sandwich’s up and down the Northeast from New York to Miami and I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Well this place gets a thumbs up for their Cuban sandwich. Their Cuban sandwich consists of slow roasted pork belly, smoked ham, pickles, swiss cheese and yellow mustard on a pressed baguette and here is normally served with kettle chips. I wanted some hand cut french fries instead of kettle chips and I was going to get them. The sandwich was awesome and the fries are some of the best fries I’m had in awhile. Nice, thin and crispy just how I like them. Also since it was brunch I washed it down with a screwdriver. By the way the bartender that day had a really heavy hand which I’m totally cool with.

Till next time,
Untrained Dude

P.S. Like always our links are in bold and check out South Water Kitchen

South Water Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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