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I have Lobster and you don’t!

Howdy Untrained Misfits, it’s the Untrained Dude coming back today with something delicious as always. Today we take a look at lobster in my favorite form as a lobster roll. I will always enjoy it when you take something and add it to a roll. It will always be awesome. We headed out to Luke’s Lobster. I like eating lobster rolls but they always feel like a fucking expensive tease. Sometimes its like 20 or 30 bucks and your saying to yourself I’m still hungry you bastards.

Luke’s lobster is pretty cool because they have a few locations in the city. I went to the one on 81st on the Upper West Side and its pretty much a hole in a wall, which is my preferred method of purchasing my food. Remember everybody you always have to keep it as classy as possible. They have a chalk board on the wall with lobster rolls, shrimp rolls and crab rolls and something called the noah’s ark which includes all of those. I ordered my lobster roll the standard way with is easy on the mayo and butter and they give you a good portion of lobster. Its about 4oz of big chunks of lobster. It’s not that bullshit filler lobster or those little itty bitty fucking pieces of lobster. You can get a taste of Maine’s finest without leaving Manhattan which is awesome for me. Its a decent price which is $17 for the roll, chips, and soda or $15 for just the roll. I can deal with those prices for some good lobster. I always feel like i spend more when I make a lobster roll at home and its a lot more work and doesn’t taste as good. Ill stop talking now and enjoy the hunger inducing photo below.

Till next time
Stay hungry and stay learning
-Untrained Dude

P.S. Like always our links are in bold and if your in the city check out Luke’s Lobster. They have a few locations and even a food truck.

Luke's Lobster (UWS) on Urbanspoon

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