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Home All I get my cheesesteaks from under an overpass please!

I get my cheesesteaks from under an overpass please!

What’s going on Untrained Misfits, its the Untrained Dude once again. Today we discuss the wonderfully good for the soul and terrible for your arteries Cheesesteak. More importantly the Philadelphia cheesesteak but is there really any other kind or any other kind worth mentioning . Lets be real about this. We start off in New Jersey and we just finished up our show. We’re about 20 minutes from Philly and I say fuck this we are getting cheesesteaks. In philly were do you really go though. I ask around and I get the unanimous response. If your a fucking tourist you go to Pat’s or Gino. If you want the real stuff you go to Tony Luke’s.

So thats what we did and I appreciate that Tony Luke’s is under the overpass for I95 in Philly. It really adds to the ambiance that your about to get some real good food. Oh man was it an awesome experience. The food is great and the service is hilarious to me because they can be ball busters. They made fun of my friend for wearing his Yankee hat which is to be expected in South Philly. I ordered the standard Tony Luke cheesesteak with cheese whiz and onions with fries like the true gentleman I am. I didn’t come all the way out to Philly to eat my cheesesteak with any other kind of cheese besides whiz. I can’t wait for the next time I’m in Philly. I might need to buy two cheesesteaks the next time I’m there. One to eat there and one for the ride back to NYC

This picture right here shows you the perfect vessel for food consumption.

Till next time
Stay learning and stay hungry
-Untrained Dude

P.S. Like always oh links are in Bold and check out Tony Luke’s the next time your in Philly

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