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That’s some twisted Breakfast!!?!?!!!

What’s going on Misfit its your dude, the Untrained Dude. Today I bring you more stories from my travels in San Diego. This place that I’m about to tell you about has the most ridiculous breakfast I have ever had. I decided to head out with my Untrained Lady to Hash House A Go Go. RIDICULOUS, IT WAS FUCKING RIDICULOUS!

I ordered Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken and waffles. Now I love chicken and enjoy my fair share of waffles but this is ridiculous. I’ll start off with the waffle because there’s bacon in it just chilling inside of my waffle. You take bacon and add it to anything and its instantly better. If you learn only one thing me in this blog I hope that bacon makes everything better and fixes all of lives problems. You wife or girlfriend is nagging just throw some bacon and it will all be better. Anyway back to the dish at hand, lets look at the chicken. It’s a perfectly fried huge pieces of chicken and topped with a maple reduction. Who needs maple syrup when you got a light maple reduction. Then you have a eggs made anyway you want, biscuit, fried leeks and mashed taters with BACON! That’s what I want my breakfast to consist of all the time. Just something fried, fat and Bacon. FFB is the way to be. The amount of food is also ridiculous. You can feed a small village. I’ve eat about half of that plate and at that point I felt ill but I still wanted more because it was that good. Thank god I ate so much though because it gave me the energy to walk through that San Diego Zoo for hours on end. When I go back to San Diego I will finish that plate of fried chicken and it will be glorious.

Enjoy this food porn

Till next time. Stay hungry and stay learning.
-Untrained Dude

P.S. Like always the links in Bold and check out Hash House A Go Go whenever your in San Diego or Las Vegas

Hash House a Go Go on Urbanspoon

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  1. Tj

    Okay so I’m mad late with this…I hate you (but I love you) I can’t wait to try this place…!!!!

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