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These Burritos run wild on you!!!

What’s going on my Untrained Misfits, it really feels like forever and a day since I’ve talked to y’all. Well lets get down to business. Today I bring you back some burrito’s from San Diego. Did you know that San Diego is German for Whale’s vagina………… wait, wait your telling me it’s not. Well now I’m embarrassed now but with this embarrassment I bring you awesomeness from the west coast. Here at Untrained Eats  I don’t like to discuss fast food or chain restaurants but this is different. The first time I go out to the west coast was back in the beginning of April with my Untrained Lady and after we get our rental car we get some grub. We go immediately to Rubio’s. It’s a chain in San Diego but its the most legit burrito I’ve ever had. Sounds weird doesn’t it but in my opinion burritos and tacos aren’t that great on the east. Actually let me rephrase that, tacos and burritos ain’t shit on the east coast and I open a challenge with open arms to fucking show me otherwise. Id love to have something this awesome without a 6 hour plane ride.

I ordered a big ass burrito. It was the Grilled Chile Lime Wild Salmon Burrito and all i thought was your gonna give me a big old piece a salmon then I’ll give it a shot. It was so fucking fresh and so unexpected and also the price shocked me. It was 8 bucks for a salmon Burrito. On the east coast your not finding Salmon for that price and especially not that size. Man our fast food version on the east coast is like Chipotle and there more expensive and I can never eat there again. Rubio’s you have ruined the burritos for me. I will plot my return soon and I will demolish some more of your food.

Enjoy the food porn

Till next time misfit’s Stay Hungry and stay learning.


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Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

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