Mario Batali Knows About PIZZA!

Hey Untrained Misfits its UntrainedDude again coming back from another awesome eatery. Had a nice date night with my UntrainedLady at Otto Enoteca and Pizzeria. This is one of Mario Batali’s restaurants so I walked in with my nose held high and the snobbery ensued.

After looking at the menu we picked entirely to many fucking items

First ill start off with the Calamari with Potatoes and an order of Kale

The sauce that they used kills the smell of calamari and it wasn’t rubbery at all. The potatoes were just there but fuck it on to the Kale. Kale is fucking awesome, whatever restaurant you go to and you see Kale on the menu, ORDER IT! If you don’t know what Kale is then look it up. Don’t worry I’ll wait.

Oh your back good, took you long enough
Now onto the salad with celery root, citrus and blood orange.

Yes I know I’ve already talked about some vegetables before so guess what I’m going to continue. This salad is good but makes you wanna eat a plate of wings and watch a football game. I don’t know who a salad did this Jedi Mind Trick on me but fuck it on to the next dish.

Lunedi Bruschetta is next up.

Lunedi consists of eggplant, chili, mint. I’m not saying this sucks but I fucking hated it. I hate mint in my food. Mint belongs after your greasy ass meal. The eggplant and chili are great on this dish but the mint makes me want to mutilate cattle for the fuck of it.

Next up are the entrée’s. Yeah I know finally, what you impatience numb nuts have been waiting for

First up is Pane Frattau Pizza.

Pane Frattau is tomato, pecorino, egg. Your thinking really an egg on a pizza but it’s actually a necessity. The Pecorino is a sharp cheese from a sheep and is kind of bitter. The egg really cuts down that bitterness and makes it awesome. Without the egg it sucks in my opinion.

The last entrée is Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

The spaghetti has pancetta, scallions, black pepper, egg and is pretty good from the one bite I took of it. That was really the UntrainedLady’s dish.

Even though we were full we still ordered desert. I love dessert that will get you drunk, crunk, or whatever you want to fucking call it.

A Guinness Stout Gelati with chocolate and peanut butter

I know the picture fucking sucks but i left my camera at come and only had my Droid on me. Gelato and awesome normally aren’t in the same sentence but it had Guinness, thus making it awesome. Should be accompanied by a shot of Kahlua and Jameson to make car bombs.
(Author Note: Car bombs is a drink consisting of 3/4 of a pint of Guinness and 1/2 a shot of Kahlua and 1/2 a shot of Jameson that you chug together. Has nothing to do with blowing up cars but it is a terrible joke on the IRA)

We ended the night off with some Grappa

I think of it as Italian rot gut but its a good digestive i guess. I always regret drinking it but I always do when I’m at a good italian restaurant.

So to end this shit, Otto’s is an awesome place and it’s not ridiculously expensive. I’d go back and SO SHOULD YOU!

Peace Out

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